What We Do


– Purpose-built to manage all types of healthcare rebates

 – Prescriptive capabilities

– Never chase a check or try and marry spreadsheets again

– Achieve more rebates than you ever thought possible

– Negotiate with vendors knowing you can collect on all their rebates

– No startup costs, cancel anytime

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Instant Insights

Those questions you’re asked in every meeting? We have the answers. 🙂


We get them to you in around 20 minutes or less.  So go ahead…ask us anything.  Here’s just a few samples.

Service Line Initiatives

TruVue can prepare everything needed to run a service line initiative in 5 days or less

– Run every service line annually with no increase in headcount

– Eliminate quiet times

– Deep dive into the data with a targeted approach for savings

– Clean data gives an accurate lens into opportunities

– Presentation materials for management

– Surgeon engagement materials

– RFP running, scoring, and analysis

– Vendor selection and negotiation

– Implementation and weekly progress updates through the life of the contract

True Net Cost and Clinical Variance Analytics

– Clean data = accurate procedure costs

– Factor rebates and compliance in real-time

– Compare surgeons side by side

– Easily Identify clinical variances in a single procedure

– Procedure Analytics by surgeon, vendor, facility, and network at the touch of a button

– Engage surgeons with data presented in a way they understand

– Use clean and accurate data to align stakeholders to facility goals

– develop a clinical care signature

Warranties and Explants

– A system to help you stay compliant with all warranties and explants

– Enhanced visibility and tracking throughout the process

– Full reconciliation with the vendor

– Earn all your credits while lowering overall risk

Total cost of care is the grail.  TruVue brings value every step of the journey.

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