Rebate Management 

Free up your time while capturing all the rebates your facility deserves.


End to End visibility in real-time

Know exactly where your rebates and compliance stand at any given moment to uncover more gains.

Proactive Rebate Capture

Our alert system ensures you never miss a rebate tier multiplier again. Capture more than you ever thought possible.

Plug and play to our SOC2 cloud

Easy to set up and no further IT disruption.  The Rebate Management system can connect in less than a day.

Auditable down to the procedure

A full breakdown of every item,  procedure, the true net price, and your associated rebate is one click away.

Automated to free up your team

Stop chasing checks and trying to marry spreadsheets. Focus on introducing new products to improve patient outcomes.

No rebate offer is too complex

Overlay, market share, cross item, cross-specialty, cross facility, bulk, across service line. We’ve seen it all.  Challenge us!


TruVue manages all aspects of the rebate process. Consider our experts an extension of your team.

TruVue eliminates all internal labor costs and expenses for rebate management.

TruVue tracks, optimizes, bills, collects, allocates, and analyzes all rebates on your behalf.

TruVue alerts you to beneficial purchases to capture extra rebates via proactive rebate planning.

TruVue identifies the rebate, confirms the amount, and submits all forms to the vendor.

TruVue assures the rebates are received and properly allocated.

TruVue audits all aspects of the rebate process for accuracy.

TruVue provides standard and custom reporting, including accounting, reconciliation, and allocation reports.