Procedural Analytics

Too many hospitals run Decision
Support Systems using PO data alone.

That’s a mistake.

Too many hospitals run Decision
Support Systems using PO data alone.

That’s a mistake.

The TruVue procedural analytics platform delivers guided insights to key health system stakeholders


  • Clinical and cost variance between surgeons, vendors, and facilities
  • Peer rankings in revenue, cost, and quality
  • See how perioperative choices affect hospital profitability
  • Mobile access to all implantable devices under contract by price and feature

Supply Chain

  • Real-time contract monitoring ensures that promised vendor and GPO savings are delivered
  • Off-contract event notifications
  • View how new vendor proposals affect margin per case before signing new agreements
  • Rebate revenues improving 15-25% with zero effort
  • Service line initiatives readied in a week rather than man-months of labor to prepare


  • Improved outcomes & lower costs
  • Profitability by case and surgeon
  • Total cost of care
  • Millions more in collected rebates
  • Value-based care metrics with actionable guidance to improve margins and quality

TruVue Procedural analytics provides all major hospital stakeholders with a ‘single lens’ to view their data. Doctors can view how PPI choices impact costs, outcomes, and profitability. Finance can evaluate net costs per doctor and procedure type. Supply chain to see true case cost incorporating all negotiated rebates. This lens enables a collaborative approach to solving problems, eliminating siloed data and improving hospital performance.

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