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TruVue Analytics mission is to help healthcare systems better manage their total cost of care through a novel, real-time approach to understanding and analyzing health system supply chain relationships.

The U.S. hospital supply chain overspends an estimated at $25.4 billion annually. TruVue’s founder –  Rodney Erb spent years working on both sides of the care continuum. First as a registered nurse, then as a medical device representative. Through these unique lenses, Rodney saw firsthand how medical device manufacturers manipulate the system to their advantage and contribute to skyrocketing healthcare costs.  Rodney went to work, building an integrated platform to help healthcare systems and ASCs pinpoint and reduce unnecessary expenditures. Rodney understands first-hand the significant challenges healthcare organizations face dealing with medical device manufacturers. Armed with that knowledge, he embarked on a journey to change healthcare forever.

Leveraging his 25 years of clinical and medical device experience Rodney formed the TruVue Analytics team, a group of executives with more than 200 years of collective clinical, health administration and technological expertise.

Launched in 2021, TruVue Analytics’ platform has now been implemented in more than a dozen hospitals across the United States and growing. TruVue provides customers with real-time data analytics and actionable insights on purchasing decisions and vendor negotiations. TruVue facilitates fosters alignment between physicians, supply chain and administrators. For the first time, supply chain has clean data and evidence to level the playing field and negotiate with Device Manufacturers from a position of strength.