About Us

Your strategic partner for reducing costs, maximizing revenue, and improving outcomes

The Truvue platform launched following eight years of design and testing.  Built by supply chain experts along with physicians, TruVue is live in multiple ASCs, hospitals, and health systems across the US and growing rapidly.

Combining electronic health record (EHR) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) data analysis, along with vendor contract rebate and case data,TruVue Analytics enables ASCs and hospital systems to accurately track and manage true net cost of surgical care. Our solutions improve alignment and inventory management of Physician Preference Items (PPI) for medical devices and implants across a wide range of specialties.

TruVue Analytics goes beyond providing guidance. Our team is an active strategic partner, Implementing recommendations and auditing those recommendations to ensure continuous savings. We work with customers to integrate cost-saving and revenue-maximization strategies into their business and clinical workflows.

Our Customers Use TruVue Analytics to:

  • Align physician and hospital goals

  • Maximize vendor rebate tiers

  • Measure KPIs and clinical variances

  • Lower the purchase price of implantable

  • Maintain contract compliance

  • Negotiate more favorable vendor agreements

Our results-driven approach increases financial margins per case across every surgical service line.

Our Four-Step Approach:

Digitize, upload, cleanse and ingest otherwise unusable, siloed, and disparate data

Identify and report actionable intelligence in real-time

Continuously monitor dashboards to identify potential savings and quality improvement across the health system

Take action to improve financial margins and clinical outcomes